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The Power of Powders

Organic Raw Powders hold so many beauty secrets! Let's dive into the "Power of Powders"!

The solutions you can discover within organic raw powders consist of many! So let's dive into the beauty enhancers that raw powders can introduce to your skin:

  • Neem Powder - is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal in nature. It's perfect for acne-prone pigmented skin.

DIY Beauty Remedy Tip: Using neem powder with rosewater and plain yogurt can be applied to your face as a paste. Massage into your skin & leave on for 15 minutes.

  • Blue Matcha Powder - also called "Butterfly Pea Flower" has a host of antioxidants; it is known to improve skin cell health and prevent premature aging. In the soap making world it is used to provide color to soap vs. using mica powders.

DIY Beauty Remedy Tip: Using blue matcha powder with shea butter and primrose oil you can make a collagen boosting eye cream. If you would like to reduce those annoying dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles from under your eye; blend all 3 ingredients and apply.

  • Hibiscus Powder - is one powerful anti-aging plant which is known as "Nature's Botox". It's rich in antioxidants which helps fight off free-radicals that help to prevent skin aging and helps to increase skin elasticity.

DIY Beauty Remedy Tip: Using Sacred Extracts "Bali" full body bar possess hibiscus powder which can your skin maintain it's youthfulness! :-) Also mixing hibiscus powder with rosewater can be used to make a thick paste and applied to exfoliate your skin. When the mixture is wiped off your skin should look glowy and healthy.

  • Banana Peel Powder - my most favorite powder of them all is this one! Did you know in general that rubbing a banana peel on your skin can help with reducing acne scars, reducing wrinkles and treating psoriasis!? In addition; rubbing a banana peel over your teeth can help with teeth whitening if you do it everyday, you should start to notice results in 1-2 weeks!! Over the years banana peels have demonstrated antibacterial activity against gingivitis and periodontitis. Also banana peels are packed with strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties; in addition to essential nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium.

DIY Beauty Remedy Tip: I think I listed all of the beauty remedies about banana peels in the paragraph above! LOL so the next time you finish eating that banana, don't throw away the peel! Put that peel to use instead! :-)

P.S. Stay on the lookout for Sacred Extracts new "24KT MAGIC" bar coming late fall which will possess both banana & turmeric properties.

Until next time.....continue to "Nurture Your Melanin"!!!

IG: @Sacred_Extracts

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