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I often get asked what started me on this journey of soap making. To be honest, I got sick & tired of the acne breakouts, hives and yeast infections that came from me putting my skincare faith in the hands of skincare companies. Over the years, I have invested so much money in skincare products without doing the research on which type of products are the most beneficial for my temple. So, I embarked on this path of soap making by researching & educating myself on the uses of natural products and its benefits.


Now that I have decided to invest my money in “Nature” itself; I now produce my own naturally handmade organic soaps, body butters & body wash, that's safe for all skin types & tones. After cleansing & moisturizing with my "Sacred Extracts" products, I hope it will leave your skin feeling like it now has a "natural balance" of Moisture & Cleanliness. I hope you enjoy & indulge in my "Sacred Extracts" product line, all naturally handmade with PURITY & LOVE!!


Peace & Blessings! XOXO



CEO/Sacred Extracts , Inc

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