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Our Fall Luxe 2022 Collection this year will consist of three new organic treats! Yes, that's right I said it! We have three new limited edition organic bars that will make up this year Fall Luxe Collection & wait till you hear about the natural benefits each bar will possess!

  1. Chai Bella - Chai Tea Soap!? Why not enjoy your next dose of Chai in a bar instead of a cup! Our "Chai Bella" bar will bring you warm & cozy fall vibes with its sweet & spicy aroma! Chai Bella is a full body bar that is infused with top-of-the-line Masala Chai spices & is made up of Goat Milk & Raw Pure Honey! Our Chai Bella bar scent possess lovely notes of Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Nutmeg & also antiseptic masala chai spices that will help to disinfect & balance your skin with light exfoliants! Chai Bella will leave you feeling moisturized, rejuvenated & refreshed!

BENEFITS: This bar contains USDA Certified Organic Masala Chai Tea spices that

fresh with no artificial flavors, that will help improve circulation to make skin glow

while calming inflammation & redness. This bar will also help to repair the damage

done to the skin by free radicals, reducing the effects of aging & helping to firm up


2. Cashmere'N'Oats - This bar is as smooth & creamy as it sounds! Our Cashmere'N'Oats is a full body bar that is made up of Coco Mango Butter, Raw Honey & Organic Whole

Grain Oats! Cashmere'N'Oats is infused with hints of Vanilla, Golden Peaches, Mahogany & Cashmere Musk that possess a calming fall scent! This bar will give you "milk & honey" vibes, but with a twist!

BENEFITS: This bar contains USDA Certified Organic Whole Grain Oats that possess a

natural oil coat which can help moisturize your skin and relieve any skin irritations

(eczema). It can also correct the pH levels of your skin, unclog your pores and create

better skin moisture.