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Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I buy Sacred Extracts Organic skincare products?

As of now, all of our products can be purchased online. Sacred Extracts, Inc is an online based store. However, if you are located within the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area, we do participate in semi-annual "Black Girl Art Show DC" exhibitions & other pop-up events within the national capital region.

What type of Ingredients do you use to make your products?

The main ingredients consist of:

Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Glycerin

Safflower Oil, Water, Exotic Jojoba Oil, Propylene Glycol

Coco Mango Butter, Sortibtol, Sorbitan Oleate,

Oat Protein, Titanium Dioxide, Honey, Blk Charcoal

Olive Oil, Turmeric, Skin-Safe Essential Oil Extracts, Organic Raw Powders, Coffee,

Vitamins A/C/E, Pure Goat Milk, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Rice Bran Oil

Tea Tree, Oregano, Aloe Vera, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang essential oils, other skin-safe essential oil blends.

None of our skincare products contain harmful or harsh ingredients, sulphates or allergens

No animal testing, Non-GMO & Non-Comedogenic (Doesn't Block Pores)


Why do colors in soap designs vary?

I allow my creative energy to take control, thus creating colorful, beautiful amazing soap bars. The main colors used in each soap bar will not change; at times an addition color may be added. I promise you it will be easy to get familiarized with each organic bar type. Regardless of the color or design, the healing properties and ingredients in our soaps will always remain the same.

Do you use color dye or glitter in your soaps/body washes/body butters?

We do not use color dyes in any of our organic soaps, butters or body washes. We use "Water-Soluble Liquid Colors" & also an organic coloring powder called "Mica". Mica is a skin-safe mineral & some mica powders consist of a "pearlescent sheen" which gives the soaps a shimmer that can resemble the look of glitter. Mica powders and water-soluble liquid colors are safe for all skin types.

I recently purchased one of sacred extract organic soaps/body wash/body butter and my skin is breaking out.

If you are experiencing any type of breakout or skin inflammation; please discontinue use immediately. Although our products are made with 100% organic ingredients, it is still possible that you may be allergic, or your skin is too sensitive to one of the natural ingredients used within our products.

Are any of your products suitable for use on babies or young children?

I would only recommend that all of our products are used on anyone between the ages of 10 & up. Newborns, babies or children under age 10 usually have very sensitive skin & could easily breakout or experience skin inflammations. In result, I would not recommend our products to be used on anyone under age 10.

Are your Yoni Bars safe to use on your full body?

Sweet Yoni & Platinum Yoni Bars are safe to use on your full body. However, both bars are infused with powerful natural agents that will nurture your sacred space. I only recommend that you use our Yoni bars to cleanse around the labia minora, clitoral hood & glans clitoris.

Do your Body Butters & Body Wash contain organic properties?

Yes, our "Body Butters" are non-toxic and contains nourishing ingredients like Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera. Our "Body Wash" contains plant-based bubbling agents consisting or coconut noodles, glycerin & other high foaming ingredients which are free from detergents, SLS & parabens.

Shipping Policy

Our products are handmade & packaged by hand. We aim for perfection when creating & preparing our products for shipment. All domestic orders require up to 5-7 business days (Monday-Friday) processing before shipping. All international orders require up to 7-15 business days (Monday-Friday) processing before shipping. Processing times could be extended in result of world events or due to an increase in order volume. After processing is complete you will receive an email with either a UPS or USPS tracking number. UPS is our primary ship carrier. Please allow an additional 3-5 days for your tracking number to update on UPS website.

Is Shipping Free?

Shipping is not free. Shipping costs is automatically calculated and added to your order by USPS.

Sales Tax 

If you reside in the state of Maryland, a 6% sales tax fee will be added to your order during checkout. This is a Maryland state requirement.

Package Lost, Stolen or Damaged?

Once packages leave our headquarters, we are no longer responsible for lost, stolen or damaged orders in transit. If your package was lost, stolen or damaged in transit you must file a claim with UPS. 

Returns & Exchanges

Due to the nature of our products, we do not issue refunds, exchanges or store credits. On a case-by-case basis if management approves an order cancellation or refund a 10% restock fee will be applied for all approved returns.

How does Affirm Work?

Affirm provides a "buy-now-pay-later (BNPL)" service that offer customers installment payment plan options.

Affirm adds payment plan options for any product subtotals that exceed $50.00.

Affirm will offer an alternative for sacred extract shoppers who prefer to spread the cost of a purchase.

Acceptable Payment Methods

For online and in-person purchases we accept all major debit/credit cards, including VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, APPLEPAY.   CASHAPP is acceptable for in-person purchases only.  AFFIRM "buy-now-pay-later" are also acceptable online payment options. 

Please contact "Customer Solutions" for all other questions. Need to file a claim with UPS or USPS?

Please see below:

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