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Soap Bars in general these days have been replaced with foaming wash, scent-filled body washes & other cleansing alternatives. In the early 1990's - 2000's, soap bars have received a lot of bad press; they have been associated with lumps of sogginess & pools of slime that it leaves on the side of your sink or tub.


Disclaimer: I can't speak for Dove, Ivory, Caress or any other artificial chemically induced soap bars.

For the record, most modern organic soap bars being handmade now are truly a beautiful luxury product that anyone can learn to make & also benefit from!

My organic soap bars known as "Sacred Extracts" are inspired by NATURE & only consist of natural ingredients that are therapeutic to the senses & soothing to the skin. My product formulas are designed carefully with a particular outcome in mind. When making naturally handmade soaps, my focus is not only to produce a pretty bar, but a clean conscience bar that will turn your bathing & beauty rituals into a luxurious experience!

So readers I'm asking you to "Raise the Bar" by doing one of the following:

  • Exploring organic soaps that will provide you with a natural cleanse or;

  • Supporting an organic soap maker like myself! ;-)

Soap making is one of my passions that I will continue to explore! I'll also continue to minimize the bad press soap bars receive by RAISING MY OWN BARS !

Foaming & body washes is not the "end-all-be-all" people!

(Drops Mic...Picks it back up..)

As we head into the Fall & Winter months, I plan to start sharing some of my "Behind the Scenes" soap making videos with you, so you can view my soap making process & everything in between!

In the meantime...stay tuned as I introduce new product creations this year!

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