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I am happy to announce that Sacred Extracts will be releasing a "Fall Luxe" set which will consist of three new soaps! We are so excited to bring new organic benefits to your skin, that will consist of a few power ingredients which are - Coffee, Turmeric, Banana & Aloe Vera!!

Check out our new soaps that will be included in our "Fall Luxe" set below:

  • SPIKED JAVA - There’s no better way to begin a fall morning than with inhaling nice scents of warm vanilla, ginger, java and creamy caramel all blended together in one luscious bar of soap!! Our Spiked Java bar is a face and full body bar infused with organic coffee grounds that will aid in making your skin smoother by providing a gentle exfoliation. Coffee has many calming effects, it helps with acne treatment and reducing skin inflammations!

  • 24KT MAGIC - Get ready to nurture your skin in GOLD!! Our 24KT Magic bar is a full face and body bar that consist of everything YELLOW!! Infused with refreshing melodies of citrus and aquatic notes of coconut; turmeric root and banana peels are the key ingredients in this bar that will provide you with a luminous glow from head to toe! Need I remind you of the benefits that turmeric powder helps improve the appearance of dark spots/scars and promotes acne control. Banana is a high antioxidant that will help improve blood flow and nourish your skin.

  • SANGRIA - Wine down your fall nights with our Sangria bar! Our sangria bar is a full body bar infused with guava, lime & other citrus scents you would find in a chilled glass of sangria! Our sangria bar will consist of "loofah" pieces that will help provide a gentle exfoliation while you bathe/shower!! Aloe Vera will be one of the key ingredients in this full body bar that will help prevent skin dehydration and reduce skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis.

NOTE: Our new bars within the “Fall Luxe” set will not be available to purchase individually. Until further notice, they will only be *Limited Fall Editions*

Our "Fall Luxe" set will consist of larger soap bars and will be available to purchase online starting Mid-October for $15.00 USD!

I will be releasing more updates as we dive further into Fall!

Until then.....continue to #NurtureYourMelanin :-)

FB: SacredExtract / IG: Sacred_Extracts / Twitter: @Sacred_Extracts

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